Ten Tips to surviving the Heatwave!!

So if you have to work out on the heat you shpuld have a couple of things with you.  First plenty of water, some packets of salt for emergencies, sunscreen, aa hat, and good sunglasses. Sometimes you need some tricks to beat the heat. These are things I use to manage when the weather get a little steamy. So here are my ten tips to surviving the Heatwave:

1) Limit your exposure to direct sunlight. Try working if possible in areas that are partially shaded, or where shade is available for taking a break.

2) Where a good sunscreen. I like the micromist type. They go on dry and coverage is great. If you prefer lotion apply atleast every couple of hours, because you will sweat it off.  I like spf 30 0r better.

3) Wear light clothing. White, tan, grey or stone are good colors for being outside. Added benifit is they don’t seem to attract as many bugs as other colors like yellow and red.

4) Find a good hat. This is an adventure for me. I have a big head and what is comfy when I am working is not the same when I am shopping. So think loose, it will be better in hot weather. Long bill and light colors are great for long exposures to the sun.

5) Carry a towel. It is nice to towel off, helps with evaporation, and being cleaner is nice when it is sticky outside. You can also soak it in a pinch to help cool off, then wrap it around your head. Instant air conditioning.

6) Take breaks often. Atleast 15 minutes every hour. This may seem like a lot, but you need the time to hydrate and cool down.

7) Know first aide for heat related illness. The signs and signals may save a life. 100 degrees will hit anyone no matter your shape or age. This where the salt may save a life.

8) Eat light. avoid heavy foods and eggs when working in the heat. Also avoid caffine as if constricts you blood flow and actually make you feel warmer. A nice salad or light sandwich will due till temps have cooled.

9) Don’t over do it. Tomarrow is another day. Do what you can when you start feeling tired break or stop for the day remember to rehydrate, and them drink some more for the next day.

10) Lastly and most importantly drink a lot of water. Cool water not cold is better for you. The standard is 10 cups. When you work in the heat you may need to triple that, and then some. I have have 16 so far today and it is a little past two.


Be safe!!

Till next time good gardening!

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